What the People are Saying About 29 Fingers



There is tremendous entertainment value to be had with 29 Fingers, who steer a wide berth from the usual run of the mill covers band repertoire and deliver a tour de force of get up and bop music whatever your age

Harpers and Queen


We returned last night to a mountain of letters and emails from our guests, almost every single one of them mentioning how fantastic the band was. I must not only thank you for your brilliant performance, but also for your patience and tolerance in dealing with various uniformed members of The Rifles, The Guards and The Household Cavalry - some of whom I remember attempting to 'freestyle' on stage, thinking they could sing as well as you guys...we were genuinely thrilled to have you play at our wedding, having seen you at so many Green Jacket and Rifles parties over the years.
Ed and Emily PoynterWedding, April 10th 2010


Jacks bar also got everybody raving yesterday. They have discovered possibly the best all round band I have ever seen in Meribel in 22 years! "29 Fingers" are just fantastic...but sadly only here for a couple of days.

 Skiers blog Meribel, March 2010

One of the key things that made our day was the band. You were fantastic, absolutely fantastic! I LOVED dancing on the stage with the guitar, and dancing with all my girls on stage was amazing...listening to you guys sing just made me totally happy, in a way I've never felt! And thanks for playing far longer than your usual time. I really hope that you all enjoyed the night too, you certainly looked like you did! I would do anything to do it all over again! You were all such fun to have around, loved all the wigs and changes of costumes. And dealing with you in the lead up to the big day was always easy and your jokes always made me smile during moments when I thought I'd keel over with the stress of wedding planning! Are you playing publicly anytime in the new year as Mark and I are desperate to come and hear you again?
Kate Eshelby Wedding, Dec 19th 2009


...thank you so so much for helping making our New Years Eve ball such a fantastic night. The band were brilliant. You were so professional, your lead singer is amazing and your fancy dress in keeping with our Moulin Rouge theme was perfect. Your choice of songs was fantastic and I have never seen such a packed dance floor for the WHOLE night – we should have had a bigger dance floor! I am feeling very smug having had a lot of congratulations on picking such a brilliant group and I’m sure you will be getting a lot of requests for your contact details. Having said that, I hear most of the guests were at the wedding you did 2 days later so I imagine you get pretty booked up.

Samantha Fuery, New Years Eve Ball 2009


They make the songs their own, they look the part and the only time you'll see an empty dance floor is when they're not playing. 29 Fingers understand what makes a good party.
Wonkie Hills, Zest Events


Wow, it is Wednesday and I am still recovering....Thank you SOOOO much for making my party really fabulous. I don't think James or I left the dance floor all night! Neither did anyone else. I have never seen so many people dancing all the time.What a shame it all had to end.I hope you all enjoyed watching everyone making fools of themselves having a great time.  I also loved my debut on the stage. We are getting some amazing letters and I wanted to let you know what people are saying about you...Your research for the band certainly paid off, not only did they play old favourites well but they were fun too and really part of the party. What a great choice, I've never seen so many men dancing so much. A disco seems remarkably tame after that! The band were brilliant and hysterical with their variety of wigs, glasses and props. What a laugh they were...the band made it. I was very cross to be dragged away at 1pm....

Catriona Witter, 40th birthday party, 14th June 2008


A very big THANK YOU for being so absolutely brilliant on Sat night at our party. What a sense of humour – loved the dressing up! . . . . . and the tartan trews – especially Erika’s mini-skirt and stockings which went down a treat with the guys!

Mary Johnston, 60th Birthday party, November 2006


I honestly cannot thank you enough for your efforts on Saturday night up in Leicestershire. Your relaxed, cheery (if somewhat off the wall) personalities made the evening a total delight for me as an organiser as well as a party-goer. You played and sang brilliantly  and EVERY comment I have been given relating to the music has been one of highest praise. It is never easy to please everyone with the tunes but somehow you managed to achieve it. Incredible. Dance floor full all night with young, young-ish and old all night. My only complaint is that it went too flipping quickly

!Amanda Brookes, Hunt Ball, Leicestershire, December 2005


"One month on, and they are still talking about you at Rivermead House.  If only you could see how many of the  'thank you letters' contain references to your band! They have never seen a dance floor where you couldn't squeeze a cigarette packet between any of the people having the time of their lives. Lucy and I can't thank you enough. You were truly sensational." 
Tom & Lucy - Cornwall Wedding 2006


I have been asked by so many people where you all come from and told how you made the night. Please pass on all my thanks to the rest of the band.
Major Spencer Bull, The Royal Green Jackets, Catterick Camp.


What a magnificent evening. After they entertained us, they cleaned all the dishes, took down the marquée and hoovered the palace. What angels they are!
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II


Their place in heaven is assured.
Pope Benedict XVI, The Vatican.